Skinjex Hydrating Cleanser

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Boost moisture retention and protect skin radiance.

Skinjex Hydrating Cleanser is a complexion renewing creamy cleanser that hydrates and protects your skin from moisture loss. 

It contains moisture-attracting ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, Sea Vegetable, and Argan-based actives. These moisture-boosting ingredients help replenish humectants during the skin cleansing process.

SkinJex Hydrating Cleanser is a hydrating cream cleanser that you can use daily to assist in the cleansing stage of your skincare routine. 


 The Hydrating Cleanser contains:

  • Glycoderm P - An intensive hydrating complex. Which aids in supplying the epidermis with ceramides and phospholipids. These ingredients deliver moisturising factors resulting in restoration of the skin structure.
  • Phytocoll PF (Yeast Extract) This pseudo collagen active offers an enhanced moisture-binding capacity.
  • Argassential - is clinically proven to plump and firm the skin through collagen production.
  •  Snap-8 Peptide Solution contains an anti-wrinkle octapeptide that reduces expression lines.