Eye & Lip Treatment

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Increase elasticity and activate microcirculation.

Skinjex Eye and Lip treatment is an intensive moisturiser formulated to treat delicate areas. It is a Tetrapeptide based hydrator; through its unique formula, it inhibits glycation and increases elasticity. Capillaries strengthen, and microcirculation is activated. The characteristics of edema (swelling) reduce.

Irritation, dark circles, redness, and fine lines diminish, and your skin complexion appears hydrated and firmer with regular use. 


Skinjex Eye and Lip Treatment contains:

  • Biophytex, which are a synergistic complex of yeast and botanical extracts rich in flavonoids. Biophytex reinforces and strengthens capillaries and reactivates microcirculation. 
  • Eyeseryl, a Tetrapeptide which offers anti-edema properties. This assists in the reduction of fluid build-up in the eye area. It stimulates the body's collagen production and contains protein which battles the effects of aging skin. 
  • Hilurlip plumps and minimises fine vertical lines of the lips. It is an oil suspension containing Sodium Hyaluronate particles that enhance penetration and encourages a volume-boosting effect. 
  • Ultra-Filling Spheres Technology contains hygroscopic properties that penetrate the upper layer of the epidermis and absorb water that evaporates from the dermis. The spheres increase in volume, tighten and smooth out lines leaving an elasticised surface.